Market Overview

Developing countries are experiencing rapidly increasing energy demands and in many cases, energy access shortfall. Global energy demand is projected to increase by 56% through 2040, nearly all of which will occur in developing countries.

There is a similarly urgent need to increase energy access, targeting the 1.1 billion people globally who lack electricity to light their homes or run their businesses.

Energy systems of the future will incorporate many millions of individual small-scale, low-carbon energy assets, made up of both distributed renewable energy generation and consumer-driven energy efficiency measures. Some of this demand will be met through innovative business models such as pay as you go systems in high growth, mobile-based economies.

Climate Aggregation Platform (CAP) - Approach to Low-Carbon Energy

The Climate Aggregation Platform (CAP) aims to accelerate this transition in developing countries by promoting the scale-up of replicable business and financial models which aggregate small-scale, low-carbon energy investments.

The Platform's support for financial aggregation models helps to develop low-carbon energy markets with a lower cost financing. Pipelines of standardized small-scale, low-carbon energy assets engage and connect new, diverse investor bases.

Initiated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), the Climate Aggregation Platform is a concerted effort to build momentum around financial aggregation. In cooperation with a global coalition of key low-carbon energy-related financial, industrial and governmental stakeholders , the Platform raises awareness, facilitates information exchange and connects investors in key developing markets.